Saam Bracelets
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Saam Bracelets

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These beautiful bracelets are the artists creation of 

Clay Pit-Fired Beads from Tunisia and South Africa

Stefani Kimche

These beautiful beaded bracelets are the creation of artist Stepanie Kimche.  All of these individually crafted bracelets are made from a mixture of clay-fired Tunisian and South African beads, African brass beads, African glass recycled trading beads, and Hebron beads made with salts and sands from the Dead Sea and originally used as trading beads. 

Each bracelet is seven-eight inches - wear them in multiples!

With a lifelong passion for the visual arts, Stefani seized an opportunity to combine her wanderlust with creativity. She concentrated in archeology and fine arts in college and has always loved large rosaries, mala chains and the significance that beads have had throughout centuries and cultures. Her interest blossomed into obsession when she started collecting the ancient Hebron trading beads. These artisan bead chains allow their unique history to continue in someone else's story.... 

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