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Blue Bubbles Candle

Blue Bubbles Candle

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Iris Sandalwood Vetiver

The engraved glass of the Blue Bubbles candle harnessed the dexterity of our craftsmen. Transparent bubbles float on the glass and give a kinetic and modern effect to the object. Its floral scent of vetiver and iris is a light and refined olfactory identity in perfect harmony with the subtlety of the glass covered with a blue luster.


Max 10: 3.9" tall, 60 hours of estimated burning, 4 wicks, 1.5kg

Max 16: 6.3" tall, 150 hours of estimated burning, 4 wicks, 2.5kg

Max 24: 9.45" tall, 400 hours of estimated burning, 5 wicks, 5.5kg

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