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Dancefloor Candle

Dancefloor Candle

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Patchouli Tonka Bean Coriander

The Dancefloor scented candle is covered with a silk-screened print in a mix of gold and primary colors. The very graphic design represents our stylized interpretation of nightclub light beams. Its woody scent of patchouli, coriander and tonka bean will fill you with the magical and festive spirit of the best parties.


Max 10: 3.9" tall, 60 hours of estimated burning, 4 wicks, 1.5kg

Max 16: 6.3" tall, 150 hours of estimated burning, 4 wicks, 2.5kg

Max 24: 9.45" tall, 400 hours of estimated burning, 5 wicks, 5.5kg

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