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Crystal Straws

Crystal Straws

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There's no question single-use plastics are terrible for the environment. Finally, they are being taken to task in our current moment. In the US alone we use 500,000 million straws daily! It takes up to 200 years for one plastic straw to decompose and they can’t be recycled in most places. Let’s stop this waste together by creating some new habits. Kicking the plastic addiction and switching to reusable straws is a great start. But not just any straw, of course... ;)

We love Crystals for Humanity. Beautifully simple and eco-conscious Crystal Straws available in 3 high polish, gorgeous finishes and one-of-a-kind, tumbled stone in either rose quartz, amethyst or clear quartz.

Thank you in advance for making this small change—and props to you for doing it in style, btw.... Please spread the word and share these lovely little gems with friends and family whenever and wherever gifting and gathering are in order.

Food-grade, high-polish, stainless steel straws with hand-selected, fairly mined, tumbled crystal charm.  Each straw comes with its own cleaning brush and a custom microfibre carry pouch.  Great Stocking stuffers.


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