Marie-Jeanne Vetiver-Santal Eau de Parfum
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Marie-Jeanne Vetiver-Santal Eau de Parfum

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"While fashion goes out of style, good taste is never cyclical." 

This cologne combines the rustic scent of vetiver with the smooth scent of sandlewood. This pairing is accented by the addition of sweet notes of benzonine and the earthy din of patchouli for a cologne that exudes excellence and modernity.

Vetiver's  creator, Georges Maubert  is part of the fifth generation of the Maubert family, the founders of Robertet, in Grasse, France. The Maubert family's stewardship of Robertet has made the company the world leader in natural raw materials and today, Robertet supplies natural essences to nearly every major perfume house.

 From a young age, Georges Maubert dreamt of combining the ancestral knowledge of his family with his own passion for perfumery. With Marie Jeanne, his dream is realized as nearly 170 years of expertise are harnessed and transmitted through a range of breathtaking original fragrances developed in close collaboration with internationally-recognized perfumers.

100 ml

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