7 Tips Guaranteed to Improve the Quality of Your Sleep

7 Tips Guaranteed to Improve the Quality of Your Sleep

Who Doesn’t Want a Better Night’s Sleep?

Sleep is so important to our mental, physical and emotional well-being and yet any of us toss and turn nightly - sleep seems to elude us.  After several months of study, I have found a few things that seem to really help me and I hope they will help you too!

7 Tips That Are Guaranteed to Improve The Quality Of Your Sleep

1. Get into a sleep routine – take a warm, relaxing bath with Epsom salts, dim lights a full hour before bedtime and avoid screen time one hour before bed ( the TV,  computer and yes, the phone). Today’s computer and cellular screens all emit a blue light which has a wavelength detrimental to sleep.

2. Declutter your bedroom – a lean room helps to quiet the mind.  Don't leave clothes all over the floor and bed if you can possibly help it.

3. Bedroom colors should be neutral, restful and calming. Bright colors are lovely and fun, but red, in fact, is scientifically proven to elevate the heart and keep you wide awake.  Choose shades of white or cool hues in blues, greens and grays instead.

4. Sound machines – not expensive, they can be an easy fix because they help the brain tune out the background noise, thereby disengage the brain’s natural alert system.

5. Temp control – the natural way to regulate sleep.  Ideal temperature for a bedroom is between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit but every body's comfort zone is slightly different so adjust accordingly.

 Layering is important  and for more warm-natured people or those who suffer from hot flashes,  a breathable sheet that is light in thread count and not so tightly woven (250-300 thread count is ideal) or a beech tree or linen sheet is the best type of sheeting for optimal sleep.

6. Lighting – Darkness matters because light stimulates alertness and interferes with our biological clocks, inhibiting the naturally timed release of melatonin.

Window coverings should be black or buy an eye mask which is soft, comfortable,  flexible and blocks out light.

7. Finally, Essential Oils and Aromatherapy can really help relax the body and calm the mind . Each person’s needs and rituals are going to be a little different and which means they can experiment to find the best oils for their needs, but I recommend using an oil that is pure, passes certified therapeutic grade testing and is locally grown and distilled where it is produced. The quality of the oil is important - higher quality=more effective= you need less of it. We sell Doterra oils - they have the highest standards for testing and their quality is outstanding.

Some of the most effective oils for relaxation and sleep are Lavender, Lemongrass, Vetiver, Frankincense, Bergamot, Clary Sage, Red Mandarin and Wild Orange.

Ways to use :

Rub a drop or two of Vetiver, Wild Orange, Lavender or Frankincense (or a combo)  into the soles of your feet – the feet absorb oils into the body faster than any other part of your skin and it’s a soothing ritual before you go to bed. You just need a tiny bit of vetiver as it is viscous. 

Take an Epsom salt bath – add 1 cup of salts and 10 drops of lavender and let the tension melt away.

 Put two drops on your pillow right to help transition you for sleep.

 Spray your linens with a spray you can make at home using water and one or two drops of oil. 

Add a drop or two to your heating pad and place on your neck or back – it will help to further relax the muscles

Diffuse by adding 5 or 6 drops to the water in your diffuser (you can get a good one for about $40-$50.


Placing an essential oil diffuser near your bed or in your bedroom will allow you to breathe in the relaxing aroma of the oil as you drift off to sleep.

 Create your own recipe by combining oils. I love the combo of wild orange or frankincense and lavender. 

Rub a drop or two into the palm of your hands and breathe into them – the brain will process the aroma and make a positive association with that aroma – so that the next time you smell it, it will remind your brain to relax and that helps with a good night’s rest. 

If you follow these simple tips your nights should become more restful in no time.

If you want to know more about linens, pillows, bedding and essential oils and how each of these things help to get a good night’s sleep. We are having a sleep seminar on Wednesday, March 20th from 5-7pm. You can call the store at 504-304-9475 or email us at sotrenola@gmail.com to reserve a spot as seating is limited to 20 per night.



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