About Us

How did someone who graduated from law school end up with a design business and a retail store?  It was a journey of self discovery but one rooted in a family history of design and decoration.  My father, a doctor, loved antiques primarily because of their stories and their place in history and my creative and artistic mother adored color!  In fact, our living rooms (we had a double parlor in our old Victorian home in the Garden District of New Orleans) was apricot and our dining room featured an apricot and bottle green flocked toile wallpaper - sounds horrible but it was really gorgeous! I minored in Art History in college but went to law school where I spent time in the library longing for graduation. When I moved to NYC and met my husband, we discussed my leaving the legal profession and he supported my decision to pursue a career in design and design history.  After moving back to New Orleans, we discussed how best to introduce my designs to a wider audience and I decided to open my own business. I partnered with my good friend Virginia and we opened the doors to Sotre in 2014.  I feel so fortunate to be able to design for clients as well as to offer design ideas to the public via gifts and objects as well as soft furnishings like bedding and textiles.

Both Virginia and I are feel passionate about objects that are beautiful, made-to-last and of the best quality possible. We believe in conserving for future generations and protecting our environment - which is why we are eco-certified by Wellness Within Your Walls and why we are its first brand ambassadors.  90% of all of our products and store display are environmentally safe and non-toxic. Together and separately, we scan the globe to find eclectic, beautiful and interesting items we love for our store and we hope you will love them just as much as we do.