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Did you know we offer interior design services? Nationally published, award-winning designer Grace Kaynor helps to coordinate everything from fabric or wallpaper to upholstery and window treatments to historic renovations.  Check out her web site!

Grace Kaynor Designs


Grace Kaynor studied art history at Emory University and Southern Methodist University. She received her law degree from Tulane University, before going to get an MA in the History of Decorative Arts from the Copper Hewitt in New York, New York. She later received certified in Interior design at Parsons school of Design before working under nationally recognized designer, Jennifer Flanders.

Grace launched her own interior design firm in 2008 and opened Sotre, her New Orleans based retail store, in 2014. Grace is certified in sustainable design and Sotre is the first retail brand ambassador of Wellness Within Your Walls.

Grace meticulously curates unique and thoughtful gifts, home furnishings, bedding and table linens, sourced from her favorite vendors or during her global travels.  Sotre caters specifically to discerning individuals seeking distinctive items.

A native of New Orleans, she divides her time between New York City and her hometown where, in addition to managing design projects and overseeing her business, Grace dedicates herself to sourcing fresh inspiration globally, enriching the offerings of her store. Her work has been featured in Veranda, Southern Living, and Entertaining at Home, among others. 

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