Al Fresco is So Now

Al Fresco is So Now


These past few weeks of mandatory stay-at-home time has been a reminder of the things that are important in life.  For me, nothing is more important than family and friends, gathered around the table, celebrating good food and each other. 

In New Orleans, the weather has certainly been ideal and for my family, that means a lot of time spent on the patio.  Our outdoor dinners have been fun and creative and both children (although the oldest is really grown) have helped with setting the table and cooking the meal.  At Sotre, we just received some fun raffia hurricane lanterns, pagodas and placemats that work beautifully with our easy-care linen tablecloths covered in all-over eclectic patterns.  I love mixing my table setting up with different designs from around the world - it's really an expression of individuality!  

I look at it as a dress rehearsal for the time when I can host my friends!  When that time comes, I will be more than ready.  

Until next week, stay safe and healthy!!!






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