Bedding Right Now

Bedding Right Now


These days all of us are spending more time at home.  By this point we have all cleaned out our closets, re-organized our pantries and even our sock drawers.  This means that now that we have run out of smaller projects, we are focusing on the things we need for our home - the shade we never installed in the kitchen, the cookery that needs to be replaced and maybe for the first time, that so important but often neglected most important room in the house....the bedroom.  Often my clients want me to focus on the receiving rooms - living room, dining room, family room and kitchen - and they put off working on their bedrooms. Yet the bedroom is truly the most important room in the house as that is where we spend one-third of our lives.  Updating your bedroom is a simple act of self-care that is guaranteed to lift your spirits and improve your quality of life.  Dressing the bed does not have to cost a fortune and can be super easy.  We do offer custom bedding options but such orders can take up to 12 weeks.  While I always think a custom option is worth the wait, If you want instant gratification, we can also help you create the look that reflects your individual sense of style with our in stock options as well as or orders that arrive to us, in most cases, within five business days.  We offer a variety of bedding looks from multiple vendors for almost every price point for clients looking for long-lasting, quality textiles.

For example, a simple pique coverlet and shams can be dressed up with standard shams in another fabric for a look that is less than $650. I love the silver color as a refreshing yet still neutral change from white or ecru.  You can always add a monogram at a later date...

 Another great linen brand we love is Bovi.  We stock queen and king classiclhotel bedding which starts at $250 for a flat and fitted sheet and a pair of standard cases. 

 For something boho luxe, I highly recommend John Robshaw.  We love to mix John Robshaw coverlets with patterned pillows and white Sferra sheeting - there is nothing like Sferra's Giza cotton sheeting for a comfortable night's sleep.

My personal favorite look this season is this patterned coverlet designed by Matouk in collaboration with Schumacher.  I just love the color mix of the pinks and blues and adore it with Matouk's Liana sheeting in coral.  This quilted coverlet is also available in a non-quilted duvet and I like the idea of folding the quilt and placing it at the end of the bed.  


We would love to work with you and by appointment or even over the phone.  We regularly ship samples to clients all across the country and we work with designers on many client projects.  You can even ship us your fabrics and let us come up with the perfect bedding scheme to match.


Happy sleeping,





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