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Decor Design Inspiration

Sotre will turn SEVEN November 19 and since 2015, we have been coming to NYC to participate in the the annual, by invitation only, Brick Church Fair. I have been super busy with my design practice and so I thought that this year we could come up a day early and do a little investigation around NYC.  I have been making short trips up to the City since May and I can tell you that the City is really coming back to life.  Design Inspiration is EVERYWHERE and I am energized and invigorated!  Here are a few things that I am inspired by right now:


The DIOR exhibit at the Met.

Maybe I am partial because DIOR was born in Granville, France.  The last great trip I took with my husband was with our son, Granville, to France for his 8th grade graduation present.  We went to Granville to take Granville's picture under the sign and we went to the Dior museum there. If you are in NYC or you travel to NYC, do NOT miss it!

"Dior reveled in the paradox of the natural and the sophisticated. The most telling example is his frequent self-presentation, not as a man who symbolized the authority of French taste, but rather as a simple gardener, farmer, and mill owner" (Met Museum 2020).


I am working on a living room scheme for a client now and I saw this little French-inspired fabric which has the same feel:

We are planning to use it on chairs and possibly pillows - so adorable!

The Design and Decoration center (aka the D&D Building) is always a source of inspiration to me and this year the windows are cuter than ever:     



And once inside, the inspiration is endless! 

Love this room at the Pierre Frey showroom.....pure heaven.


The poms at Zoffany reflect the new color inspirations that are turning up everywhere.



No showroom is more gorgeous than Fortuny!



And while we are on the upper East side, I am stopping by for the most delicious Tomato Basil soup in the world - found at Island on Madison between 92nd and 93rd.  Just a few of my favorite places.....for now....






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