Gifts under $200

Gifts under $200

Lately it seems as if everyone has been asking me about gift selections under $200.  Gift giving can be stressful especially for that friend or relative who has everything and doesn't need anything else - well, OK.....maybe a bungee jumping excursion but not everyone is into that.....

I am here to help.  Gift giving can be easy and fun and this season we have some of the best gifts we have had in years. These gifts are special but will not break the bank and they are sure to please even the pickiest receiver.  

Here is a list of my top ten gifts under $200 in no particular order:

1.  Baobob's newest candle....Africa. $150 

  I recently went to Kenya with a group of female entrepreneurs and we had a moving, memorable experience.  This candle is something I am giving myself as a reminder of those special two weeks:

Max 10 Africa candle from Baobob.  Burn rate of 100 hours and totally safe for the environment.


2. Land's Down Under Herringbone Throw $125

 have these in a wide array of colors!  Machine washable and perfect for our climate.  These throws are the finishing touch to any room. Oprah's Favorite and mine.


3.  Rialto Glasses 2 for $75

These colorful glasses are the perfect gift at 2 for $75.  Pair them with our colorful cocktail picks which are featured as one of Food and Wine's Gift of the Year.  $40 for a set of 6.


3.  The Cocktail Knife and the Gentleman's Bar Towel $40 + $25

For any sophisticated bar tender - amateur or professional.  The towel is an instruction manual on what to serve and mix and how to dress for any occasion. 

 4.Cat's Pajamas $135

Everyone adores them for their colorful patterning and their softness.

 5. Tenn Prairie Candle and Matches with Tray Set $80

Colorful, handmade and unique.  I custom chose the colors and accessories to match.

6.  Matt Kolbrenner dish $39

Hand molded in Detroit, beautiful and functional.

 7. Parker and Hyde's Pickle Ball bag and Jill and Alley's Pickle Ball Paddle

The paddle is $70 and the bag is $115.  While Pickle Ball is having a moment, your favorite fan will adore these colorful bags and paddles.


8. Prince of Scott's American Flag Cufflinks $50

Sure to please the impeccable dresser in your life - the one who remembers that the little details matter.

 9. Taschen's Annie Leibovitz Book $150

It is EVERYTHING and more.


10. Tara Wilson's Scallop Picture Frame.  $100

Put a picture of your favorite people in it and give it to the one you love.  Tara is a good friend of mine and I just love her style, taste and sense of color.  You will too!  This has been a consistent reorder all Fall.


Happy Gift Giving!  






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