Grace Kaynor's  Favorite Holiday Gifts

Grace Kaynor's Favorite Holiday Gifts



This past year, my focus has really been on others.  Early in 2023 I recevied a breast cancer diagnosis.  My friends and family rallied around me and gave so much back to me it is hard to properly show my gratidue. Those nearest and dearest to me took me to all my appointments, my MRIs, and my surgeries.  My sister stayed by my side before, during and after my surgery.  My friends came and brought smoothies, dinners, flowers and good cheer.  My team at Sotre held down the ship and my design clients were patient.

Having been blessed with a treatable and early form of cancer, I was able to get up and about relatively quickly and just in time for summer store shopping. Having gratitude at the forefront of my mind helped me to focus on Holiday gifts and gift-giving while shopping the markets and planning for Fall and Winter.  I really took the time to think about gift-giving and I believe I chose some of the most unique and special gifts I have ever chosen for Sotre. 

Sustainability is, as always, one of the factors I prioritize:  is a gift long-lasting, of the highest quality, and made from organic, recycled, repurposed or responsible materials using responsible processes? 

Another factor is whether or not this be product will be useful or necessary? 

Will this gift or home accessory hold lasting value for its recipient? 

Is this product or gift necessary and does it bring joy to its owner or receiver?


I will let you be the judge but I am excited about and satisfied with the results!  


Here are five gifts and products that I feel best represent my viewpoint on design and the spirit of Holiday gift-giving:

1. The Pickleball Bag and Paddle

I found the paddle at market and loved its Palm Beach vibe. I also love the hot pink "Barbie" color of the bag.  Pickle ball is have a moment and Barbie is HOT.  The combo would make a elegant gift or a special treat for yourself.

2. I am obsessed with Matouk's Schumacher collaboration and this year I cannot get enough of their Magic Mountain pattern.  I bought cocktail napkins, placemats, tablecloths and dinner napkins.  I also created a custom duvet and shams in the same pattern.  Matouk uses the finest linen and creates everything to OEKO-TEK sustainable standards which helps keep our environment safe for future generations.  We have sold through and reordered several times and we are most likely to sell out before the Holidays

3.  I also adore these aprons from Matouk.  

4. Books are always a great gift.  They also help to add polish in the finishing touches of a design project.  I love this Rolling Stones book and you will too.  The perfect gift for the fan who is counting the days before Jazz Fest when the Stones will FINALLY appear on stage after many stalls and starts.

5. Sferra Giza sheeting - the ultimate gift of luxury.  You can select these sheets in either percale (a crisp sheet) or sateen ( a silky sheet).  No one makes a better sheet than Sferra who is so strict about their quality control that they have certified that their Giza sheeting is made from cotton grown on the banks of the Nile in Giza, Egypt.  There is a lot of marketing about Giza cotton these days but this is the real deal.  Yes, these sheets will set you back a bit but they are worth their weight in Gold.


Stay tuned for more gift selections in the coming days and weeks.  I would love to see you in the store! 

Don't forget we wrap, ship and deliver.  We love your lists and we have fun personal shopping for people through Facetime, texts with pictures and emails.  We are here to make you Holiday shopping easy and graceful.





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