Grace's Favorite Design Trends for 2021

Grace's Favorite Design Trends for 2021

As we reach the half-way mark on 2021, I thought it was a good time to write about a few of my favorite design trends.  
Block Prints
I love block prints and really cannot get enough of them.  I appreciate the artistry involved in the production of each hand carved block and the time and effort it takes to stamp each individual color onto a fabric.  This time-honored, labor intensive artisanal work is always in fashion.
Aegean Teal - Color of The Year
I have a passion for this color and I do try to incorporate it whenever possible.  I was using it before it became the Pantone Color of the Year and I'll be using it after 2021.  
Rattan and Wicker are really having a moment and I love it!
Sustainable Materials
This goes hand and hand with wicker and rattan.  Sustainability is not really a trend but rather a necessity for our planet and, as a Wellness Within Your Walls certified designer, I always incorporate natural, responsible and sustainable materials.
Sustainable can even look like this room I recently completed.  It is about preserving and conserving by reusing antiques in a different way and by using natural materials for the sofa and chairs made from pressed wood.
Home Office
Everyone who's anyone has one these days......
Nesting and Self Care
Last but not least, people are working from home but many have found that they are nesting and entertaining at home.  Comfort never goes out of style!
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I love the textures in these designs as well as the use of color. It’s all so sophisticated while not contrived, vibrant, original and life-affirming!

Lauren Kornett

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