Is A Candle Deserving Of Its Own Blogpost?  Find Out Why!

Is A Candle Deserving Of Its Own Blogpost? Find Out Why!

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This week's blog is about a candle so special, it deserved its own blog post.  I am sure you might be asking yourself....why is this candle so special and what does it have to do with design and sustainability?  The answer is EVERYTHING!!!
This special candle was created by fashion designer Amber Sakai.  Amber is a 9th generation Californian (unusual in and of itself), born and raised in Ojai.  She is deeply interested in world culture and anthropology and is committed to preserving the planet and its people.  Her fashion design focuses on organic forms that foster growth and exploration - boho luxe comfortable clothing!
The Designer Amber Sakai Uses Unreconstructed Designs, Inspired From Her Travels, To Focus On Key Versatile Staples Including The Use of the 2020 Pantone Color of The Year, Electric Blue.
Like many of us, Ms. Sakai has not been traveling anywhere lately and used the last year to create something very special combining her passion for the arts and philanthropy with her experience and knowledge of the world.  The result is the Love Candle:  A collaboration between Grant Love, a project created by Alexandra Grant in 2008 to support artists and charities, and Amber Sakai.  The grantLOVE project is an artist-owned and operated project that produces and sells original artworks and editions to benefit artists and arts non-profit organizations. For over ten years, the grantLOVE project has partnered with artists and designers to create limited-edition artworks based on Alexandra Grant's trademarked LOVE symbol. 
To create this candle, Sakai designed the candle holder and candle to be separated from one another.   The sleeve design is based on the grantLOVE logo:
grantLOVE project
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The scent was created in Grasse, France, of sustainable soy bean wax, but poured in California and is a sensuous mixture of Elemi, Geranium, Rose, Cypriol, Leather, Oud, Sandalwood, Cedar, Patchouli, Musk that is meant to be both masculine and feminine at the same time.  The fragrance is so unique, it is difficult to define but Ms. Sakai refers to it as reminiscent of "An Illicit love affair experienced without permission. As in Love, this candle is intended to be a ritual that is not rushed but shared with intention and care."  
The sleeve itself is 24K gold-plated brass and was created by artisans in Lebanon to create a vessel with the LOVE Symbol. It represents a non-binary expression of love, a catalyst of light, and the essence of illumination in all its forms.

This candle is so precious that it is only available in a select few stores.  We went to our distributor who also helped us source the Charles Farris Candles (a gorgeous English sustainable brand that also supplies the pillars to the cathedrals and churches in England).  We had to get approved for purchase and because there is such a limited number of these candles, we were only allowed SIX.  They are available on our site and in store for a limited time.  Come in and ask us to help you explore their scent!  These candles are the perfect gift for someone special - be it yourself or a loved one - and they not only are sustainable but help to support artists, artisans and similar communities around the world.  
A word of caution:  these candle are very special!  They are meant to be a ritual not rushed or shared but savored.


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