Is it OK to Have a Blue Dining Room?  Decorating with a Cool Color Palette

Is it OK to Have a Blue Dining Room? Decorating with a Cool Color Palette

A client looking for Zen in her life recently asked me if I could help her design her new home with cool and tranquil colors. On her wish list at our first meeting was a blue dining room but she was worried that it did not conform to the traditional notion of using warmer colors such as reds and oranges to stimulate appetite. 

Dining Rooms come in all shapes and sizes and color is very personal.  I believe that if someone wants a blue, yellow or even rainbow colored dining room, they should have one and that it is up to the designer to create something that is aesthetically beautiful within the client request.  My personal dining room in my last house was a pale shade of celadon blue-green and I loved it.  I am currently renovating two small houses on one property and I won't have a designated dining room at all as both houses are open plan - I am not sure what my decorative plan is other than that the walls will be white.  I definitely see a red dining room in my future.....but that is off subject and we need to get back to Zen.

Here is what I proposed to her:

Pale silver walls

Bejamin Moore Gray Mist

Rug - Tibetan Hand-knotted


Chandelier - Murano Glass Butterflies and roughly $4000.  It is an investment but well worth it - it's organic shape butterfly theme make it ethereal whimsical  and elegant at the same time.

Fabrics - silver blue with a fern print for the curtains (I love the blue hand-crocheted dinner napkins to go with the room).  The organic fern pattern references nature.

Chairs - pewter gray velvet on Palecek

Table - found on Chairish for $2500.  The brown grounds the room and adds something unexpected while its simple, clean lines keep within the "Zen" concept.

Design fabric concepts for the other rooms include:






Until next week.....when we discuss the History of Valentine's Day with my surprise guest.  Stay tuned.....



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