Little Things Add Lots of Value

Little Things Add Lots of Value

By now most of us have experienced over a month of mandatory stay at home measures and while most of us are happy to help "flatten the curve" we are looking for comforting and comfortable ways to do these things.  Small touches help....fresh flowers, new recipes, sit down meals with family - all of these things add meaning.  We can also do things with attention to detail:  the way we set the table, how we dress (comfort but with style and not necessarily dress up), the linens on the bed and the quality of sleep we receive, the fragrances we surround ourselves and the food and drink we serve.  

We just got in these ADORABLE new PJs and they are already selling quickly:


I am spending a lot of time on Zoom and having a couple of Zoom cocktail moments every week.  Next time, try these infusions - fun to send to friends and family and fun to discuss over Zoom Cocktail Hour:


And I could sip "Rose all day" with these crystal straws


For the chopping block which needs a little love these days:


These are easy care must haves for the table - just wipe them clean:


And this Leaf platter serves a ton, never needs polishing and you can even chill it:

For the bed, the TV room or the living room, these chic and cozy throws are soft and perfect for our climate: and the modern bohemian:


Don't forget to clear your home when the energy gets a little funky:

And we just got in these MUST HAVE quarantine essentials:


Stay sane and healthy!









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