Living your Best Life at Home Starts in the Bedroom

Living your Best Life at Home Starts in the Bedroom

This Wednesday, I will begin a four part weekly seminar on Jennifer Flanders Facebook Group, the Ascential Home. This group is "a community for you, the busy woman who wants her home to be her sanctuary. If you dream of living in a place that nurtures you, if you want to bring more impactful daily rituals into your routine, if you crave more meaningful moments at home with your loved ones, then you’re in the right place."  

Jennifer is a nationally successful and experienced interior designer.  After working for NYC's Cullman and Kravis for nine years, she has pursued a solo design career that includes such highlights as starring in HGTV's Real Designing Women. 

Beginning Wednesday, October 14 at 1pm et (12pm ct), Jennifer and I will be discussing the most important room in a home:  the bedroom.  We will be taking questions, providing design and wellness expertise and offering special bonuses on these days so be sure to join us!

October 14:  The Foundational Underpinnings for Sleep - mattress, mattresspads, pillows and why the foundation is so important.

October 21:  Debunking the Thread Count Mystery and How to Determine the Best Sheeting for Your Optimal Sleep

October 28:  Dressing the Bed:  from coverlets to throw pillows

November 4:  Setting the Tone for Sleep:  nighttime rituals, optimal room temperature and other tips for going to sleep and staying asleep


If you would like to join, request access to Jennifer's group at:

Hope to see you there!




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