Move-In Day

Move-In Day

This week's entry features something we all do and most of us dread - MOVE.

I just moved into the Odeon -  a high-rise apartment building in the South Market area close to the Superdome.  I am completely sold on this building and neighborhood!  It really takes me back to my days in NYC when everything was so convenient.  The grocery, restaurants, nail salon, yoga studio(s) and pharmacy are all a block away! The benefit to being in New Orleans is that I get to drive my car into my garage with ease and I can take advantage of the amazing amenities that are offered by the building (gym, media room, lounge and kitchen, concierge service, doggie spa and gorgeous saltwater pool). 

However, lately I haven't been focused on enjoying the pool or gym but rather trying to pack everything I didn't want to give up when I downsized into a small 1200 square foot space.  I even managed to shatter the glass on the cooktop the second night I moved in!  I am still sleeping on a mattress on the floor while I wait for the mover to get the needed insurance the building requires, but I am actually grateful that I have no problem getting out of bed in the morning!  

Moving has me thinking about move-in essentials. Organization is key when down-sizing.  Never underestimate the power of a Lazy Susan for spices and the Container Store is now bookmarked when I log in!!!




I especially love their front-opening shoe containers!  


I thought I had done all of the wash before I packed my last box but it seems I had a ton to do.  I highly recommend getting some Leblanc Linen Wash.

We sell it at Sotre and recommend it for all of our linens but I wash all my clothes with it too.  I never use anything but their dryer sachets when drying my clothes and I love the lavender linen press.


I love the look of pressed sheets but don't always have the time to press my linens and I can't seem to find anyone to press them for me.  I find that pressing the cases and just the top of the flat sheet makes the whole bed look inviting and put together.  (I use the linen press on the rest of the sheet and it helps to smooth out the wrinkles).

Here is a list I have put together of some move-in essentials I have needed this go round - hope it helps:


1. Fresh Towels

I think it is Ok to start with 2 bath, 2 hand and 2 wash and one or two bath mats depending on the size of the bathroom.  My favorite white towels are by Graccioza because I adore the loop that allows me to hang them on the back door.   I also love their quilted terry bath rugs - so cozy!!


2. New Pillows 

You should change up your pillows every two years or so (you can manage to keep them a little longer if you use pillow protectors). Everyone knows I love Pillow Bar pillows because they are custom made to a person's sleep specification.  

3. New Mattress 

I just bought a Sferra Sonno Notte and I have to say it lives up to its hype!

4. New sheeting

Now is the time to indulge in new bedding.  New place, new sheets and everything seems positive and upbeat.  We have many brands to choose from online or in store.  I personally like a linen in Summer, a percale in Fall and a sateen in Winter.

5. New Pjs and maybe a New Robe?

To go with the new sheets.

6. Scented Candles

The most essential part of moving in for my daughter was getting a new fragrant candle for the house.  She and I both adore Baobob's custom blended French candles (the fragrances are blended in Grasse but the company is actually, like Hercule Poirot.....Belgian).  We chose the Palm for its fresh scent..

I am excited for you all to see the finished product.  It is a work in progress.  Keep your fingers crossed I get my furniture soon.....






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Beautiful! You are so smart to do this and I love all the tips


Excited for you,Grace!
I need linen wash and press.I’ll come get it!


Love this Grace!!

Julie Henault

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