When Do I Replace My Pillow?

When Do I Replace My Pillow?

How often should you replace your pillows and duvet inserts?


The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) recommends replacing your pillow every two years or sooner.  If this seems fast, consider that every time you sleep on a pillow you add oils, dirt, dust mites, pet dander and even mold to it.  Of course putting your head down on a comfortable pillow in anticipation of a good night's rest is a wonderful feeling, but even the best pillow, if nor replaced, can give you allergy symptoms and even neck cramps.

Pillows are an often overlooked part of your bed but they need to be regularly changed just like your mattress and other bedding. When purchasing your pillow, please note that the sleep style you have should coordinate with the firmness of the pillow.  A stomach sleeper will need a soft pillow while a side sleeper needs a firm pillow and a back sleeper needs a medium pillow.

You know it is time to trade in your old pillow for a new, fluffy one when:

It starts losing shape (try fluffing it in the dryer on low heat for 15-20 minutes.  If it still comes out flat and lumpy, it needs to be replaced)

It is stained or smells (try washing it by hand or in the washing machine on delicate - if it is still stained or not fresh, it is time to find another pillow)

Your allergies are more noticeable when you wake up

You have neck cramps


There are many pillows on the market made from a variety of materials in everything from Latex to Down. Please don't sell yourself short by trying to find the cheapest pillow out there.  Sleep is essential to your health and well being and a good pillow goes a long way to helping you have the best quality of sleep possible. 

Some pillow materials tend to last longer than others.  Polyester pillows are generally the least durable, and should be replaced sooner than two years. However, some people who are sensitive and allergy prone need a down alternative pillow that is hypo-allergenic.

At Sotre I have chosen to stock, in store, Matouk and Sferra brand pillows.  I find they are the two best brands on the market and we are constantly reordering them for clients and customers.  

Sferra's down alternative Arcadia pillow is a fluffy loft that crosses the thermal-insulating properties of featherweight down with the easy-care attributes and hypoallergenic quality of modern techno-fibers. The result is a down-like comfort with matchless quality. 

Sferra Arcadia pillow starting at $92



Matouks' down alternative Libero pillow is a 100% cotton percale casing filled with a strong down alternative and OEKO-TEX sustainable fiber that adapts to body temperature throughout the night while allowing for a comfortable, allergy free sleep.

Matouk Libero pillow starting at  $115




Sferra's Buxton down pillow is a soft European goose down with a 600+ fill power is enveloped in a lovely cotton ticking, offering premium support with a natural airy quality.

Sferra Buxton pillow starting at $268




Matouk's Montreaux pillow is fine European duck down at a minimum of 60% with 600 fill power and encased in a 100% cotton percale shell.  It is made in Lichtenstein and 100% OEKO-TEX certified meaning that it is safe for the environment. 

Matouk's Montreaux pillow starting at $212



To promote the longevity of your pillow, the AAFA recommends that people protect pillows from dust mites by using zippered pillow covers.  I love Sferra's pillow protectors which start at $37 and are always in stock at Sotre.

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