Setting the Perfect Holiday Table for Thanksgiving

Setting the Perfect Holiday Table for Thanksgiving

The Holidays are upon us and I am scrambling to finalize my plans as many of you might be.  How did Fall arrive so soon, much less Thanksgiving, and whether or not we are ready for the festivities many of us will have friends and family arriving on our doorsteps, excited to sit down to our festive and well-appointed tables for a fabulous feast.  Yikes - that scares me just a little but it should not scare you because I selected the most beautiful linens and decor this year and Sotre can help you put together a chic and elegant table no matter whether you are going for a festive, formal or casual feel.  


I love the Magic Mountain tablecloth.  The is a collaboration between Schumacher and Matouk and Schumacher's iconic dragon design is colors of warm pink and orange mixed with brown and cream is a heavenly fall combination.  I love mixing it with orange scalloped napkins or even white scalloped placemats (yes, ON the tablecloth for a beautiful layered effect) and bringing the dragon pattern back in with the napkins.  I love our Rialto glasses in white or salmon with it and l love mixing my mother's vintage crystal with these newer fun colored glasses.



Measuring your table for the right sized tablecloth is easier than you think. 

*For a round table, measure the diameter.

*Oval and rectangular tables should be measured to the longest point of the width and length. Then measure for the drop. For a more formal look, measure for a 14 inch drop.  An 8 inch drop is fine for more casual settings.  Take the drop and double it, add that length to the diameter and select the size that is the best match.

For example, your table is 46 x 84 inches.  You would like a 14 inch drop.


46+28= 74


I would order a tablecloth 70W x 126L


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