Staying Sane and Staying at Home Part 2

Staying Sane and Staying at Home Part 2

I hope everyone is holding it together!  The whole homeschooling, meals, cleaning, laundry and work from home thing has really be a hard adjustment but the curve has flattened, there are fewer cases of Covid-19 and we are all doing our part to help New Orleans, Louisiana, the US and the World.  I have seen so many people helping, reaching out and respecting guidelines that it has restored my faith in mankind.

We have come to see our homes as our basecamp where all operations take place.  In order to be productive, we must carve out a workspace and we must have an inner sanctum where we can wind down and relax. 

Provide entertainment for the whole family with this Tic Tac Toe acrylic game designed by my friend Tara Wilson, a mom with three kids:

It's a chic accessory and a great way to pass the time.  Available in ultra stylish gold that reverses to silver in addition to the fun pink and blue.

If like many people, you are looking for a quick fix for the bed - something easy and machine washable, look no further than these cozy quilted coverlets and shams from John Robshaw:


The white goes with everything and it instantly changes the look and feel of the room. It pairs well with our Skauna flat sheets and cases and our Sandessa Duvet and shams. 

We also love Matouk's new Nadia coverlet.  We stock it in store in white, gray and pool.


If you are going for the ultimate comfort, look know further than Sferra's Sonno Notte mattress.  Made by hand and hand-tufted which helps with even body weight distributions, this mattress practically ensures a good night's rest and we all know how important that is these days:



Last but not least, when you step out of the shower, envelop yourself in absorbent luxury with these wonderful towels by Yves Delorme.  We stock the towels, bath mats and wash cloths in pink, green, blue and of course, white.

More essentials next week.......stay healthy and remember, every in stock purchase is 20% off through April and we will donate another 5% to Feed the Front Line NOLA.  


Until next time,





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