Sustainable Kitchen Design

Sustainable Kitchen Design

I am about to take on a kitchen remake for clients with a large family who adore entertaining at home.  The stove is HIS domain and SHE wanted a large island just for smoothie prep where the kids could also do their homework after school.  Solution?  Two islands......just like a bathroom, separate prep stations may just make for a harmonious cohabitation!

Here are two ideas I found while preparing some ideas for them:


I love the idea of separating out the island design from the rest of the kitchen.  I also love the idea of painting an island one color and the cabinets another.  I used this design scheme in another project a few years ago but I painted all of the cabinets a delft blue and left the walls white:



I usually try to create a triangle pattern between the refrigerator, stove and sink.  This is optimal for serious cooks as it means less frequent and easier trips to the kitchen.  This kitchen I designed in 2016 had an almost perfect triangle:


I absolutely adored this wall of glass stretching all the way to the ceiling!

I designed this one for my family and I loved the way it reminded me of an old-time NOLA neighborhood place.  The gorgeous island, which I sadly sold with the house, was purchased in Connecticut. I loved it so much I moved it down to NOLA with my family.  The layout was not perfect but we made due with the best floor plan that old house could yield and I loved spending time there:

Creole Cottage Kitchen


Of course as a Wellness Within Your Walls Ambassador and Certified Design Professional, I almost always try to incorporate organic, sustainable materials and the concepts of environmental responsibility.  I loved the sustainable aspects of my old kitchen with its Energy Star rated energy saving appliances. These days, bamboo is my latest obsession and I am drooling over this gorgeous, simple yet elegant kitchen:



When purchasing appliances, always look for the energy star label: 

All this kitchen planning is making me peckish!  I am going to my pantry:

 Just kidding but I wish.....

Seriously, I am headed to my small pantry cabinet to grab some Bella Cucina Artichoke Lemon Pesto.  Tonight I am going to make an easy pasta dish for my daughter and me.  Just some shrimp and some whole wheat linguine tossed with about a this delicious pesto and with a salad, its the perfect weeknight meal.  I love all of the Bella Cucina products so much, we are now carrying them in the store.  Here is a teaser of what we are offering and yes, I may have gone a little pazzo but that's la vita! 







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