Sleeping on THIS Mattress  is an Essential  Luxury!

Sleeping on THIS Mattress is an Essential Luxury!

When we think about health and wellness, we often talk about the food we eat and our exercise routine and we are not willing to compromise on the quality of our food or the quality of our gym or fitness instructor.  Yet, after having worked out at the top gym in the city and after having paid significantly more for fresh, organic food, we go home and sleep on an inexpensive, synthetic latex mattress.  In addition to the problems with sleeping on toxic on environmentally questionable materials, an inexpensive mattress might be contributing to back, neck and joint pain and those sleepless nights we often suffer through.

A life of comfort, health and well-being begins with a good night's sleep.  Sleep is scientifically proven to be restorative and is even related to cognitive function.

There are several new healthy mattress options out in the marketplace.  We have researched a few of them and often suggest these to our clients:

Cocoon by Sealy

Avocado Green


However, for a truly restorative and luxurious sleep, we recommend Sonno Notte by Sferra.  This is the one we carry in the store and the only one that provides the perfect combination of comfort and luxuriousness.  For a supreme sleep experience, Sonno Notte is the one you want:

Individually wrapped coils provide deep-down support, adjusting to your body's shape for personalized support. This system provides superior motion transfer reduction, so you hardly sense a partner moving – an important factor for a restful night of uninterrupted sleep and the innerspring system is encased in a double row of outer coils, providing greater edge-to-edge sleeping surface and reduction of the roll-off feeling.
A top layer of all-natural, sustainable New Zealand wool wicks moisture away and keeps you cool, dry, and temperate all night long.
An advanced layering technology offers a unique balance of cradling comfort, support and spinal alignment, making the Sonno Notte mattress viable for side, back or stomach sleepers.
Our mattresses utilize all-natural, environmentally responsible Talalay latex from the sap of trees, and layers of cotton and wool to provide body-contouring support and breathable airflow within the mattress. The mattress layers are fully tufted by hand and secured with wool rosettes to stabilize the layers, preventing shifting and settling over time.
The foundation itself, a 9 inch or a 5 inch profile,  is made of 18 slats of spruce wood, expertly hand-assembled by the Pennsylvania Amish community, and protected by metal corner guards.

 The healthiest and best night's sleep of your life is waiting for you.  Make an appointment to discuss in more detail.  We would be happy to speak with you and show you the inner workings of this mattress.




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