The Anti-Anxiety Tips and Tools You Need Right Now

The Anti-Anxiety Tips and Tools You Need Right Now


In the aftermath of Hurricane Ida, I evacuated to NYC with my daughter and my pet. I had a job in NYC and wasn't sure what to do until the day after the storm.  I woke up to find that I had no running water, no cell phone, no electricity and the elevators in the building I just moved into were not working (I live on the 16th Floor!!!) Driving up to NYC through the remnants of Hurricane Ida seemed like a scary proposition but I had a design installation to look forward to and I love visiting my son and friends who are also up there.


 Even though the storm followed us right up the East Coast, it was still a blessing to  have ac and electricity.  The return trip was also eventful and involved a friend, two dogs, a daughter and a packed Fiat!  Things took a comical turn as we blew a tire on the road outside of Lexington, Virginia, at 12am and we all got picked up in a very large tow truck and driven to a roadside motel. 

I arrived in NOLA just in time to get a whiff (LITERALLY) of the enormous garbage scandal/catastrophe that is plaguing our normally fair city and although we have power and water, the elevator in my building is still not quite functioning. I am in some serious need of self-care:


I am clearing the air and calming things down with this kit from Sage the people ($52).

Relaxing in my new pink cotton pjs from Cat's Pajamas $119.


This has become my GO TO bag.  I bought it for my daughter but I can't live without it.

See more online and in store.  Until next time,


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