Travel the World without Leaving Home

Travel the World without Leaving Home


Last week I was dreaming of Santorini and I must say, all this staying at home has me going stir crazy.  I love to travel.  In fact, I love everything about travel round trip from the airport to my destination and home.

These days, like most everyone I know, I am not doing much traveling and while it makes me sad, I do find that special memories of trips past can be easily accessed through contact with my surroundings.

For example, I LOVE and ADORE Avenida Homes' whimsical and creative prints. They are quintessentially English and  I love to mix and match patterns to give my table settings a Bloomsbury style pizazz. 

Runners, table cloths and napkins from $20 and fine hand-painted china from $60.







I also also obsessed with the rattan pagodas and hurricane lanterns we just received.  They remind me of two summers spent shopping with a client in Bali.  Bali is a spiritual place where the people are kind and caring and radiate positive energy.  No one should miss the opportunity to visit Bali and when you go, please visit my friend Toni Al's art studio - he is a master with the brush.


Lanterns from $80,  tableware from pitcher $35 for a set of four placemats.


We carry Toni's paintings at Sotre.....


Of all of the places I like to visit, my "happy place" is France and I am thrilled to see that the City is starting to slowly come back to life.  I can't be there now but whenever I crawl into my bed, made with Yves Delorme linens, I am reminded of the elegance and luxury that is French style.









At the top of my bucket list is India and I hope to get there soon.  In the meantime, I have to be contented with learning about Indian style through John Robshaw and his fabulous collection of textiles for home, table and bed.  


Style can be transporting and, even if not the real thing, it fuels the imagination!

Until next week......







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