What You Missed at the Lenox Hill Gala 2019

What You Missed at the Lenox Hill Gala 2019

This year's theme was the Future is Now and designer's had interesting interpretations to say the least!  I always love participating in this event - it's lovely to see so much creative talent on display!

Sotre's table started with my lovely assistant who enjoyed visiting the Flower District for the first time. I love going there - the flowers are just incredible and I can't resist taking pics.

We bought a mannequin and glued our flowers to it to make a strapless bustier.

To which we added a multi color feather skirt and some white ostrich feathers.

We added more flowers on the table and these great monkey candles from the store:



The table by the NY School of Interior Design (above) was AMAZING particularly at night with its glowing globes of light.
Loved this design - reminded me of a maypole in England.
This geode table was my son's favorite (he surprised me for my birthday).  It was also a reminder that we need to think about preserving our natural resources for future generations.
Maybe this table wasn't to theme but I thought it was tropical and lovely.
This table by Ngalla Trading was my favorite - I am dying to have their products in my store.
This table was just a gorgeous Spring design and I loved the detail on the chair cushion.
And as the night ended, we groaned thinking about all the flowers that might not get recycled.  I took mine home to my friend who was allowing me to stay with her - she reused them through the weekend.  The event was hugely successful and the Gala raised just under a million dollars for the Lenox Hill Neighborhood House.
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