Why Those ZZZs Matter - Foundations of A Good Night's Sleep

Why Those ZZZs Matter - Foundations of A Good Night's Sleep

It seems as if everyone is worried about sleep these days but how much is enough and does the quality of that sleep matter?

According to the Mayo Clinic, most adults need 7-8 hours of sleep every night. Not getting enough sleep has been linked with poor health,  high blood pressure, heart disease, weight gain and even stroke and depression.  However it is not just the amount of sleep that one gets but also the quality of that sleep.  Interrupted sleep is not a full night's sleep. 

Factors that contribute to interrupted sleep include the facto that older adults are generally lighter sleepers but other contributory factors include room temperature, light or darkness in the room and watching tv before bed.  Another important factor in good sleep habits is making sure that your bedroom is your sanctuary - that includes having the right foundations and quality of linens on your bed.  Linens that scratch, a lumpy mattress and old, lumpy or allergen-filled mattresses, mattress pads, duvets and pillows all make for an uncomfortable night in bed.  

Here is a list of general guidelines to follow:

Every 2 years:  Change your pillows

Every 5 years:  Change your duvet and mattress pad

Keep duvets and mattress pads lasting as long as possible by washing on gentle cycle and fluffing on low heat.

Every 15-20 years:  Change your mattress

A good mattress can last up to 20 years.  Be sure to freshen the mattress every year by sprinkling baking soda on the mattress and then using a vacuum cleaner to clean it all up.  Rotate your mattress according to manufacturer instructions to protect your investment.

Linens:  If you want your linens to last (up to 20 years for good quality bed linens), the general rule of thumb to rotate your linens.  You should have three sets

One set on the bed

One set in the laundry

One set in the closet

For the store, I prefer Matouk and Sferra basics and we always try to have the following in stock:


 I LOVE the Sferra mattresses and mattress pads

If you want a restful and restorative sleep, this is the mattress for you.  It is an investment but spread out over the course of 20 years, it comes to under $500 per month for a King mattress and box spring and since we spend 1/3 of our lives in bed, isn't it worth it? Sferra's mattresses feature a steel-encased, 790 pocket spring coil system built for joint pressure and tension release. A high-density insulator pad, and all-natural Talalay latex provides lumbar support, while layers of silk, cashmere, and cooling gel offer comfort for side, back, or stomach sleepers.

I prefer Sferra Mattress pads too!  Their pads,  pad protectors waterproof pads, sofa sleeper pads and mattress toppers are just divine and sustainable too.




Sferra  Mattress starting at $3876

Sferra Matress protectors and pads starting at $87


Matouk's Down Duvet Inserts and Pillows are all made in Lichtenstein and of the most organic and sustainable materials around.  I especially recommend all the pillows, shams and stuffers to my customers who buy Matouk bedding as they are tailored to fit Matouk products and really help to elevate your bedding.


Matouk Libero aternative down duvets starting at $399

Matouk Montreaux down duvets starting at  $598


I could go into a whole explanation of sheeting and will save that for another BLOG, but for now I just want to let everyone know that thread count is not that important - it is the quality of the cotton because that is what determines the feel of the sheet and its ability to last over many washings.  We always stock basic Matouk and Sferra sheeing including cases, flat and fitted sheets and duvet covers.  We are constantly reordering so that we have them in stock but if you come in and we have just run through our offerings, we are typically able to get both brands within 10 days of purchase.


Matouk sheet sets starting at under $750. A complete set includes shams, duvet covers, cases and flat and fitted sheets.



Sferra sheet sets starting at $670.  A complete set includes shams, duvet covers, cases and flat and fitted sheets.



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